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Colton Lasker, a former Hamburg High School student passed away on his 23rd birthday due to complications from years of substance abuse. He struggled for years with depression, suicidal thoughts, loneliness and helplessness. Colton thought the use of drugs would help him escape these feelings only to find it made things worse. His fight to cope with his emotions and anxiety increased his use of drugs and substances.

We watched Colton go through excruciating pain trying to be clean. He tried so hard putting himself through weeks of withdrawal and all the horrible physical psychological torture to gain his self-worth, confidence and control of his addiction.

After Colton's passing, we started Colton's Journey to Liberation, a nonprofit organization with the purpose of bringing people together. Coming together to bring awareness is important for those who are keeping their problems a secret. Addiction is the fight of not only the individual, but of their family members, friends, and anyone close to them. painful feelings of anger, guilt, denial and shame can penetrate deeply into the lives of anyone who cares for an addict.

This scholarship application is seeking candidates to tell their story outlining personal experiences of dealing with ongoing and difficult such as: depression. bullying. and substance abuse.

The essay should include:

What ways did you seek help for yourself or for a loved one?

Did someone help you when you needed him or her most. and how?

Criteria - Eligible candidates must meet the following requirements:

• Graduating High School senior
• Student must be accepted to a post-secondary institution or have proof of acceptance into another form of higher education following graduation, for example, the military, trade school, foreign exchange program, etc.
• Submit references

The student chosen will be awarded a $500 scholarship in sharing their story about:
• Their own journey to overcome a struggle
• How they are still overcoming their struggle
• What they did or are doing to help someone make a positive outcome

Colton's Journey to Liberation has helped others find hope. We would like to see how you are cultivating awareness and making a positive change in your future, or the future of others.

Please attach a separate page with the typed essay.

Our mission is to advocate, promote and facilitate community forums with peer-to-peer support encouraging positive outcomes by eliminating the barriers to recovery from substance abuse and addiction. Our organization provides education and awareness about the disease that claimed
Colton's life, while eradicating negative stigma and connecting individuals, families and friends with open, supportive resources dedicated to recovery.


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