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Colton's Journey to Liberation

A Non-Profit Organization in New York

Established in 2017, Colton's Journey to Liberation is a non-profit organization led by Rebecca Barnell and was created to inspire awareness and to change the stigmas associated with addiction. We assist people dealing with addiction, mental health issues, as well as suicide prevention. We offer peer to peer meetings, educational classes, workshops, as well as encourage self-help locally and nationwide.

Colton’s Journey To Liberation is a hub for those in need of resources for addiction, mental health issues and suicide prevention.

Colton’s Journey was formed after the passing of Rebecca’s son, Colton from complications of drug addiction. While struggling to find help for her son Rebecca realized the need to create a hub for resources she found extremely difficult to find when needed.

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Colton's Journey to Liberation


To shine a light on the path traveled by one that touches many by being a comprehensive resource for those dealing with addiction.

Colton's Journey to Liberation


To live in a society where those affected by addiction are not silenced by the judgment of those around them.

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Colton's Journey to Liberation

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  • Addiction
  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Spiritual health

Why Choose Us

No other company is a hub for all of the resources we provide at Colton's Journey to Liberation.

The reason all these resources are created is that Rebecca’s son and her family were not able to find them before her son Colton passed away due to drug addiction.

Shared Stories

Colton Lasker was only 23-years old when he passed away from complications relating to his drug addiction. 

My Son Colton worked with me at the Buffalo Stamping Plant.  On June 14th, 2016 Colton came to work on 3rd shift like any other day.  I was about to leave for the night when Colton asked me to come see him.  When I arrived, he said he was having a hard time. I asked him what was wrong. He told me he had relapsed.  He went on to say “ I have thought about suicide many times but I never planned it until today”. He continued to tell me that he was scared and tired and just didn’t know how he was going to make it through another recovery (this was a 10 year fight for him).  Colton also said the only reason he didn’t follow through with his plan that day was because he was worried about how hard that would be for his sisters and me. After many years of being on a roller coaster of re-laps and healing Colton had just spent a year in recovery, working desperately to save his own life. Then in a moment one day it happened again another re-laps.
Colton was devastated and scared knowing how hard and painful recovery is, it was too much to bare.  There is nothing I can say to explain how it feels when you see your child go through this horrible disease the desperation to save themselves while re-laps after re-laps steals their ability to have hope and tears their soul from them. It is immeasurable the toll it takes on the one that has the addiction and the family that wants to help and can do nothing to save them.

Once again we made a plan and I immediately took him to the hospital so grateful that he gave himself another chance to be healed by coming to me again for help. One week later, after a week in the hospital Colton passed away. It was June 23rd 2016; his 23rd Birthday.

Rebecca Barnell

Hi , my name is Bob Moore and I am an addict in recovery. I have been clean sense June 9 th. I can tell you, if it was not for Becky and her son Colton, I would not be sharing this. I went to 391 Elm on June 9 th of this year. It was the hardest decision I have every made in my life. I had been abusing opiates and alcohol for years. My addiction was ruining my family life and I could not function at work because of my paranoia. I knew I had to get clean so I prayed a lot and walked through the doors to detox. The first few days all I thought of was ending my life. As I grew stronger and prayed a lot, God helped me have the will to live. After 4 weeks of rehab and 2 weeks at home, it was time to return to work. I This also was not easy. I had never in my life came to work clean, as far back as I can remember. My second or third day back, after a lot of struggling, I approached Becky to ask her for help. I was still very ashamed of being an addict. That's the first thing Becky said to me, that I should not be ashamed. I did a lot of praying and talking in group about shame, to deal with this. Anyone struggling with shame,remember ,you have a disease and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Becky also has given me tools to help me. She introduced me to many things on the intranet that help with addiction and coping. She encourages,, as do I, meditation and yoga. The meditation helps so much with anxiety. I also get Vivitrol shots. Next week will be my 4th shot. If you have access to these shots, I highly suggest you get them. As I sit here writing this I cant help remembering where I was, both physically and mentally, when I returned to work on August 21. I thank God every morning for bringing Becky and Colton into my life. If it where not for her and her genuine concern for me, and all her help, I can say I would not be here today. God Bless all of you who are struggling, you are in my prayers.

Bob Moore

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