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Colton's Journey to Liberation

A Non-Profit Organization in New York

Established in 2017, Colton's Journey to Liberation is a non-profit organization led by Rebecca Barnell and was created to inspire awareness and to change the stigmas associated with addiction. We assist people dealing with addiction, mental health issues, as well as suicide prevention. We offer peer to peer meetings, educational classes, workshops, as well as encourage self-help locally and nationwide.

Colton’s Journey To Liberation is a hub for those in need of resources for addiction, mental health issues and suicide prevention.

Colton’s Journey was formed after the passing of Rebecca’s son, Colton from complications of drug addiction. While struggling to find help for her son Rebecca realized the need to create a hub for resources she found extremely difficult to find when needed.

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Colton's Journey to Liberation


To shine a light on the path traveled by one that touches many by being a comprehensive resource for those dealing with addiction.

Colton's Journey to Liberation


To live in a society where those affected by addiction are not silenced by the judgment of those around them.

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Colton's Journey to Liberation

We Help With

  • Addiction
  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Spiritual health

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No other company is a hub for all of the resources we provide at Colton's Journey to Liberation.

The reason all these resources are created is that Rebecca’s son and her family were not able to find them before her son Colton passed away due to drug addiction.

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